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Beeston & District First Responders


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Community First Responders are primarily called to attend "Category A" emergency calls, these are 999 calls which the East Midlands Ambulance Service deem to be "Serious and/or life threatening" and therefore by their very nature need medical help to arrive as quickly as possible, usually within the first 8 minutes from the 999 call being made.

These types of calls are classed as medical emergencies,  happen at home, work or in public places.

"Category A" emergency calls are usually where the patient is suffering from some the following illnesses  or symptoms:- 


Cardiac arrest

Unconscious and collapsed patients

Chest pains (e.g. heart attacks and acute angina)

Breathing difficulties (e.g. asthma, acute oset bronchitis/emphysema)

Diabetic emergencies (e.g. hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia)

Fitting or convulsions (e.g. epilepsy)

Stroke or CVA (Cerebro-vascular accident)

Anaphylaxis (allergic reaction)

Choking patients

Community First Responders are never intentionally called to emergencies involving severe trauma cases such as road traffic accidents or incidents known to involve violent situations or the misuse of alcohol or drugs.

What We Do